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History and Company Profile


Fondinox S.p.A. is a completely privately owned  Company that has been managed and in the same ownership since it was formed in 1966. Initially the Company  specialized in the production of forging ingots in austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

Through the installation in 1972 of the first two medium frequency induction furnaces, Fondinox decided to specialize in foundry activity, and production of cast nickel base alloys was initiated. In the early Eighties, the Company began to supply cast valves for offshore and oil & gas markets, and has been one of the first European foundries to reach relative qualifications. Metallurgy has been widened on duplexsuperduplex and superaustenitic range of alloys, also through exclusive production licence agreements with the Swedish Companies Avesta Jernverk AB and Sandvik Steels AB. Sand castings production has been coupled with the production of centrifugal castings, with extension of reference markets.

Today Fondinox S.p.A. produces  static castings and centrifugal castings in corrosion resistantspecial stainless steels and nickel base alloys mantaining a world wide leadership position.

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Our numbers

Company Name Fondinox S.p.A., VAT Number IT 06757330151, Turnover 36 Mln € (2012),  Total Capital € 1.291.250, Employees 120, Occupied Area 35.000 m2,  Covered Area 22.000 m2, Subsidiary Companies GM Inox S.r.l.


Fondinox S.p.A. was founded by the same ownership as today, for the production of ingots for the forging industry. Company was extended on a 4.000 sqm area.


Company decided to focus in sand foundry activity. Production of cast nickel base alloys was initiated.


Starting of horizontal centrifugally cast pipes production.


Beginning of specialization in castings supply for offshore and oil & gas applications. First exclusive production licence agreements with Swedish Companies Avesta Jernwerk ans Sandvik Steels.


A new vertical centrifugation department was opened, for the production of special alloys heavy wall thicknessed centrifugal items, like rings and balls, through vertical centricast technology.


Company Quality System achieved ISO 9002 approval, TUV Bavaria accreditation ADW0 for pressure containing stainless steels item production and foundry was recognized by Lloyd’s Register as a qualified stainless steel producer.


The machining company Officine Meccaniche Benassi was purchased by Fondinox S.p.A., becoming indipendent for the machining of long tubolar products.


Company quality system reached ISO 9000 Vision 2000 qualification, through Lloyd’s Register accreditation.


The brand new machining Company GM Inox S.r.l. has been established in Gavirate (VA, Italy) (3000 sqm machining area).


Significant investment plan was approved for the renewal and extension of a melting shop, patterns store, moulding shop and heat treatment department.


Investment plan was approved for the construction of a brand new technological laboratory and machining shop in Sergnano premises.


A new covered area of 1200 sqm has been built together with the new technological laboratory, which extends over an area of 250 sqm.

L’area coperta si estende per altri 1200mq con la costruzione di un nuovo capannone. Contestualmente viene edificato ed inaugurato il nuovo laboratorio tecnologico che si estende su una superficie di 250mq.