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Reference sectors

Oil & Gas

Supply of cast valves and pumps in DSS/SDSS, superaustenitic and nickel alloys for onshore and offshore extraction plants. Suppling global blue chip oil&gas and engineering companies with pipelines valves and cast components for subsea applications.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Supply of process pumps for chemical plants, cast products in corrosion resistant alloys for valve producers, tube sheets, supports, cast fittings for petrochemical furnaces.

Energy Production

Valves in austenitic alloys for thermal and nuclear power stations, supply of tubes and shaped centricast items in martensitic alloys for hydraulic power machines.

Waste Treatment

Supply of butterfly valves for FGD in duplex alloys and Hastelloy C22, production of slurry extraction and treatment pumps for FGD plants, supply of centrifugally cast tubes for slurry mixers in scrubbers for FGD plants, valves and pumps in DSS, superaustenitic and nickel alloys for waste treatment plants in low temperature acid section, supply of cast grates for waste incineration in high temperature alloys.

Separation and Filtering Plants

Supply of castings for the production of filters, supply of centrifugally cast tubes and cones for the construction of separators, decanters, and high spinning rotation centrifuges.

Sea Water Desalination

Production of DSS/SDSS and superaustenitic alloys for pumps, valves and centricast tubes for plants in sea water desalination.

Process Industry

  • Metallurgical furnaces: high temperature rolls, radiant tubes, sand castings for support, trays, baskets, burners items, quenching fixtures, muffles, hangers, retorts and supports;
  • Galvanizing processes: rolls and castings for hot dip galvanizing and electrogalvanizing processes;
  • Pulp and Paper: rotating castings and crashers for cellulose and recycled paper treatment, impellers, centricast tubes;
  • Textile Industry: process valves, handling rolls, centricast bushes and tubes for yarn production;
  • Mining Industry: cast arms for minerals handling in furnaces, process assembled components;
  • Military industry: radar cast supports and amagnetic castings for submarines, torpedo launch components, brake cylinder for howitzers;

Food and Dairy Industry

Pumps, valves, mixers, flanges, bushes and centricast tubes in austenitic alloys for food process and dairy industries.


Propellers, centricast bushes, shaft centricast jackets.