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Static Castings

Fondinox S.p.A. produces sand castings for the Worlds major valve and pump European Manufacturers, for metallurgical, chemical and petrochemical industry furnaces, for fittings manufacturers and users and general purpose cast items.

Extreme care and knowledge of  metallurgy and the melting process, together with a profitable cooperation between our technicians and customers, lead us to the production of tailored castings with the best performances and quality levels.

Fondinox S.p.A. is particularly equipped for the production of medium series castings, with unitary weights from 5 kgs to 7.000 kgs and linear dimensions up to 3 mtrs.



Ball, gate, globe, check valves, sliding gate, butterfly, control valves, plug, criogenic, strainer and level check valves.


Centrifugal, axial, vertical, alternative pumps, multistage pumps for oil&gas and energy industry, recirculating pumps, rotary and metering pumps, pumps for special applications.


Cast components for heating and galvanizing furnaces rolls, mixing arms for pyrometallurgy, cast plates and mixing blades for cement furnaces, cast plates for waste inceneration furnaces, tube sheets, hangers, supports and fittings for petrochemical furnaces.


Realization of special alloys castings with all geometries, only limited by designers’ imagination.

Process and Plants

  • 1 Castings Design
  • 2 Pattern Construction
  • 3 Moulding
  • 4 Pouring
  • 5 Finishing
  • 6 Heat treatment
  • 7 Final Inspections

1. Castings Design

Casting and feeding system design represents the first step in the foundry production process. Synergic combination between our technicians and help given by process simulation lead us to supply to our customers extremely reliable castings.

Fondinox has chosen Magmasoft® software combined to 3D CADSolidworks®, and supply our customers with a tailored service for casting design and simulation.

2. Pattern Construction

The availability of a patternmaker shop, fully equipped for wooden, resin, polystyrene and metallic patterns, coupled with the most modern CNC technology, allows the realization of all items, supported by a continous contact among designer, end user, patternmaker and foundry technicians.

Our patterns store is located in an area of 3500 sqm under a monitored environment, where our customers’ patterns are safely stored.

Inside the patterns store, which is developed on a vertical structure, are catalogued and stored more than 6000 patterns.

3. Moulding

Moulding shop is equipped with hand-moulding systems (mould dimensions up to 3000x5000mm), semiautomatic (maximum dimension of boxes or flaskless moulds 1600x1600mm), automatic (flaskless moulds up to 850x850mm) for the production of sand castings up to 7000 kgs net weight.

Our moulding systems, with the use of organic non carburizing binders, prevents any reaction between sand mould and casting surface in order to guarantee the maximum corrosion resistance.

We use only silica and chromite sands of first choice. We are equipped with a brand new plant for magnetic chromite recovery, that allows us to use only high purity grade sand.


4. Pouring

Steel mill is equipped with 10 medium frequency induction furnaces, with single capacities from 300 to 3500 kgs. The availability of so many furnaces allows us to work with the highest flexibility and to manage in the best way the wide variety of alloys that we produce,negating contamination  between different chemical compositions.

Melting process is performed under controlled atmosphere, through argon purging in order to guarantee the best cleanliness of our special alloys. Our molten steel capacity is 5000 tons/year.


5. Finishing

Once poured and shaked off, castings are ready for the finishing department, where skilled operators take care on the final phases of the process: feeders and gating system cuttingfettlingsand blasting and cosmetic repairs.

Our welders are ASME IX qualified and work strictly according to  our internal procedures which,in turn,follow the most stringent sector specifications and requirements.

In order to avoid contamination  between different alloys, our finishing department is equipped with 3 sand blasting machines that use different grits depending upon the treated material.

Weld repair shop is organized following a lean approach.

6. Heat treatment

Heat treatment represents one of the most critical phases of the production process for special alloys. So Fondinox is equipped with 3 treatment furnaces that satisfy Norsok requirements up to 1250°C, with working zones up to 2.2×2.6×4.8m and pools up to 250m3 equipped with turbulent water recirculation units for rapid cooling of castings. Maximum working temperature of all our furnaces if 1430°C.

Solution annealing, water quenching, normalization, annealing, tempering and aging are performed on our steels and nickel alloys according to international specifications and following our internal procedures build up during our long experienced history.

7. Final Inspections

Our technological internal laboratory is equipped to perform all tests according to international specifications: spectrometic chemical analysismechanical tests (tensile test, impact test, hardness, microhardness), corrosion test (intercrystalline, pitting, crevice, SSCC, SCC, HISC, accelerated corrosion),  metallographic analysis with optical microscopy and SEM. We are also equipped with Fischer FeriteScope and Thermo Scientific Niton XRF Analyzer for PMI.
VT performed on the entire production by our trained and highly skilled operators, PT carried out in a dedicated area with controlled environmental parameters.

Subcontracted European leader RT shop working under exclusive agreement equipped with 7 bunkers and 3 linear accelerators of 3, 6 and 9 MeV capable to test steel pieces with thicknesses up to 400mm. RT shop is located very near to our premises, leading us to operate with the maximum flexibility and rapidity on RT tests performed on our products.